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This bean is of the Bourbon variety and is grown in the Muyinga province of Burundi. These are not large scale farming operations but groups of small holders who form co-ops. They live simple lives; keeping livestock, growing vegetables and coffee. Few people in Burundi enjoy drinking coffee. Rumor has it that the occupying forces realized the value of coffee early on and discouraged the locals from drinking it. But when the Europeans monopolized Burundi’s coffee, the locals received a meager yet reliable income. Today, coffee is currency, being one of the country’s main sources of income. Buy Burundi Muyinga coffee, support a co-op which in turn supports local farmers giving them valuable income.

Nowadays, many have realized the benefits of eating a healthy diet, so they opt for organic options only. This choice is to be respected. Is this coffee organic? It is a debatable question. Burundi Muyinga is not organically certified. Since they are small scale growers, they cannot afford commercial fertilizers. That is why they make their own, which is naturally organic. We cannot claim Burundi Muyinga is organic because they cannot afford the Organic certification either. The choice to believe or not is up to you.

The home grown fertilizer yields a smaller fruit but a better developed coffee cherry. It is processed at the Kavugangoma washing station. Further income is generated for the people of Burundi as the coffee is handpicked and sorted. Many times when sorting high grade coffees, women are employed as they pay greater attention to detail. The coffee has a SCAA score of 85 (specialty grade) with the following notes: sweet, caramel, balanced, clean.

Knowing more about the farmers as well as how the product is grown and processed, we at Backyard Brew Coffee Company are proud to share this delectable dark drink experience with you. Next time you are entertaining guests, impress them with your coffee making skills and knowledge about this bean’s odyssey from Muyinga to your mug

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