Check The Roast Date!

Backyard Brew Coffee Co. Copyright BACKYARD BREW COFFEE CO.·MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2018
A few people have asked me why we charge more than their local supermarket for coffee?

Well, would you buy flat carbonated soda drinks for less? Oh go on.... You know you want to! Its an amazing save! But wait... its flat. Those wonderful carbonated bubbles are gone and we are left with a flat sugary drink.

Coffee is the same.
We did a recent survey at our local Supermarket and have found some coffees to be at least 6 Months old. The worst case was 11 months. The sad truth about coffee is this: Age affects flavour. A raw specialty coffee which is graded 85 out of 100 can lose as much as 1 point per month, slowly losing its sparkle. The same with roasted coffee. From the day the coffee was roasted up and till day 7 the coffee is volatile and needs to rest (some may argue with me but after extensive testing I found consistent espresso extractions on day 7. From day 7 to 21 coffee is at its absolute best. All the nuances that makes it great are there. From 21 days to a month it starts losing what makes it really special.

After a month the coffee still tastes good but has started losing its flare. The average coffee drinker won’t mind. Two Months and its more flat but from 3 months we start developing those old stale coffee flavours like tobacco. With darker roasts, like French roast, they start to develop rancid flavours due to that shiny coating of oil on the bean. Ground Coffee is even worse. The above is written with beans in mind. Once coffee is ground it becomes flat a lot quicker. You may ask "why?"
Coffee Oxidises. When coffee is ground, the surface area exposed becomes larger, hence it deteriorates faster.

While the Supermarket issues a 1 Year Best Before, we issue a standard 3-4 Month best before on our packaging because we want you to enjoy good coffee!

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