Colombia – Crop to Cup

Colsuaves’ Popayan coffee comes from the region called “Mesata de Popayan” in the colombian department of Cauca.

Beautiful and rugged landscapes, cool and rainy climate as well as an abundance of Indian settlements and ancient archeological sites characterize this area of southwest Colombia. Located on the eastern side of the highest mountain range in the country, this magnificent region enjoys high altitudes, moderate slopes and fertile, volcanic soils. These unique climatic and soil characteristics levered by the pride and hard work of small coffee producers result in one of the finest coffees in all of Colombia.

Since most of the coffee in Popayan, and in Colombia for that matter, is produced in small farms, Colsuaves sources most of its coffee from mills and producer groups in the region. These coffees are usually pulped, washed and sun dried in the farms before being pooled together into larger lots.

This coffee comes forward with a tremendous expression of ripe fruits and sweet walnut tones. Berry tones in the sweet, high toned aroma. Smooth bodied, rich and sweetly but intensely acidy, in the cup. It all has to do with the characteristics of the Meseta de Popayan and the dedication and hard work that go into producing this coffee.

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo and Typica
Picking Method: Unknown
Co-operative: Colsuaves
Coffee Grade: Fully washed and sundried
Altitude 1350 – 1820m
Harvest Period March – July
Cup Profile: Cherries, slight floral, sweet tangy stoned fruit. Mild Acidity with a Deep Body. Chocolatey after taste.

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