As time passes by it does so ever more quickly. Remember how long a day was back in Sub A? A weekend use to last forever and a school week felt like a year. Nowadays, it seems like a day lasts as long as an double eye blink.

Things have become easier, faster and “better”. Some though are choosing to go slower, which is why we have the revival of real and slow and now. Real meal revolution, slow market, soul food, live music etc. Why? Because it is better.

My Gran thinks I am nuts for brewing leaf tea in a little pot on the stove. As if I have not heard about the wonderful invention called “the tea bag”. I have, and I don’t care for it. Choose between a frozen ready meal and a freshly cooked home meal. One is fast, one is good. That being said, some people would still choose the frozen meal and that is their perogative.

Call me a coffee philistine but I do like to wake up and just press a button on my bean-to-cup while there are those, like my Gran, who truly prefer and enjoy instant coffee. On the other hand, my husband wants a well executed espresso. Slower is better.

Here is another option for slower is better. “Moer Koffie”. I am not for a minute saying that you should give up your quick cuppa in the morning (I wont) But if you like a wee bit of old fashioned nostalgia, try on a special occasion, a winter morning brunch or a midsummer night’s braai… a pot of “moer koffie”. While we keep the enamel pot on the stove or fire, take it slow for a cup or two before the rush of modern time keeping envelops you into its current.

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