Aeropress Natural Filter Papers


Brewtool replacement filter papers are compatible with the Aeropress coffee maker

  • Pack of 350 natural filter papers.


About This Product

BrewTool replacement Aeropress papers are specially made to fit your Aeropress coffee maker. Coffee Filters are manufactured from a special paper compound that won’t affect the taste or aroma of your coffee. The filters are environmentally friendly with pulp only being sourced from sustainable forests.

Bleached vs unbleached papers
The great debate whether to use bleached or unbleached papers. If you are Eco-conscience then unbleached papers are the way to go. If you are concerned about papery flavours in your cup, then preferably oxygen bleached papers are the way to go.

Backyard Brew top tips

  1. Always rinse your filter papers before use.
  2. Bleached filter papers can still impart a papery flavour to your coffee, thickness and quality of paper can also adversely effect flavour

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