Gaggia Magenta Plus


The Gaggia Magenta Plus is an excellent choice for those primarily drinking espresso and don’t mind manual milk frothing. Ideal for up to 10 cups of coffee per day.

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About This Product

As coffee roasters, we enjoy absolute control when it comes to brewing coffee, but there are those mornings when you just roll out of bed and need that first cup of coffee with minimal effort.

Gaggia Magenta Plus
The Gaggia Magenta Plus is an excellent choice for those who don’t mind manually frothing milk. The touch screen interface is built to give you a seamless experience.

The Magenta Plus or Magenta Prestige?
The manual frothing arm on the Plus may require a little more skill when it comes to frothing milk, but you have absolute control on your milk temperature and texture. If you are looking for a milk based beverage without the fuss of manual milk frothing then the Prestige is for you.

Machine specifications

  • Dimensions: 230 x 357 x 435 mm.
  • 100% designed and made in Italy.
  • Dedicated customer service based in Capetown.
  • Ideal for 10 cups per day.
  • Frothing of milk manually (Full control of temperature and texture).
  • Ceramic burr grinders.
  • Bean hopper capacity: 250grams (estimated output 25 cups).
  • Water reservoir: 1.8litre.
  • Dreg draw capacity: 15 servings.

Benefits of owning a Bean to Cup machine over a capsule machine
The initial cost of owning a capsule machine may make them very appealing, but there are two major downsides. The first major downside is the cost of running the machine as compatible capsules can easily cost R400 per kg, genuine capsules R875 per kg and compostable capsules can cost in excess of R1000 per kg. The second factor is freshness. We all know coffee degrades once ground, and not all coffee capsules are barrier proof. Bean to cup machines may be more costly, but they are more cost effective long term and you will always brew coffee that is freshly ground.

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