Nicaragua Rajuanse Estate


This well developed medium roast is pleasantly sweet. Can be enjoyed over multiple brew methods.

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Sweet, chocolate, almonds, mild acidity, creamy finish


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This well developed medium roast is pleasantly sweet. Can be enjoyed over multiple brew methods.

Buena Esperanza Estate is the crown jewel of RAJUANSE Estates. It is located in a privileged mountain valley in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Originally it was part of a timber operation that was 2,818 Hectares in size and was owned by an American lumber operation dating back to the 1960’s. In early 1970s, it began its transformation into coffee farming but during the late 1970s and 80s political events in Nicaragua led to national instabilities in many sectors, including farming in general. Currently, there is still one of the original workers in Buena Esperanza, Don Manuel, that planted the first coffee plants in Buena Esperanza, and he is our historian. In November 2013, the farm was acquired by the Ortiz Stoessel family, a Nicaraguan Peruvian family venture. Buena Esperanza was in dire straits and it presented an opportunity to restructure the framework of the farm with modern day standards and practices. The farm is family owned and managed. When the RAJUANSE Family took control of Buena Esperanza, a master plan was created to bring back Buena Esperanza to its glory and use its privileged mountain valley to grow quality coffee. In the master plan, it called for renewal of all coffee plants, protection of its natural water springs, reforestation and protection of its natural forest, and uniting neighboring communities in a common interest of sustainability. The farm is 846 Hectares and currently 405 Hectares have coffee planted. Our master plan is to balance land usage, half coffee and other half natural forest. We are combating local climate change and keeping local fauna. We have inventoried waters springs, creeks and rivers. Waterways are being protected from deforestation and water pollution.

Producer: Ramiro Ortiz
Farm: Buena, Esperanza Farm
Region: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Varietal: Marsellesa, Parainema, red catuai
Coffee Grade: Fully Washed & Sun Dried
Cup Score: SCA 82 +
Altitude: 1100 – 1200m
Harvest Period: January – April

Sweet, chocolate, almonds, mild acidity, creamy finish

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