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The V02 pour over is the ideal manual brew method for those wanting a simplistic and affordable coffee making solution at home. Pair this piece of brew equipment with a scale and a drip kettle and you are well on your way to immerse yourself in the world of specialty coffee culture.

Included with the V02 Pour Over:
Measure spoon.


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This is a basic guide for those who only have a pour over and a kettle. For a comprehensive guide please take a look at RealChrisBaca and James Hoffmann on YouTube.

  1. Grind your coffee medium-coarse (Filter Ground).
  2. Use 15grams of ground coffee to 250ml water.
  3. Place your cotton or paper filter in the pour over and place on your cup. Using water off the boil rinse your filter and discard the water. This pre heats your cup and removes any unwanted flavours from the filter.
  4. Place you ground coffee in your prepared pour over.
  5. Tap the side of the cone to level out the grinds.
  6. Pour in a slow circular motion enough water to wet the grounds.
  7. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds.
  8. Pour in another third of the water and allow to filter and then add the remaining water.
  9. Total brew time using a cotton filter is approximately about 2 minutes whereas for a paper filters 2 to 4 minutes.


  • After rinsing your cotton filter, place it in a glass of water in your fridge. This helps prevent unwanted moldy flavours. (Think of damp laundry in a basket)
  • Always grind just what you need for pour over coffee. A good burr grinder will give you a consistent grind.
  • A goose neck kettle gives you more control when pouring.
  • A coffee scale will allow you to brew using the recommended brew ratio and repeat your brews time and time again.
  • A cotton filter allows more coffee oils to filter through. A paper filter gives us more clarity in the cup.
  • Ideal brew temperature of water can vary. We recommend 92 to 95 degrees Celsius depending on roast profile of coffee.
  • We like to let the coffee cool to around 80 degrees Celsius before drinking. We can fully appreciate a coffee at a cooler temperature when it comes to pour over.

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