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India Mysore
At a glance

Looking for a low acidity coffee with deep chocolate notes? Then India Mysore is for you

The story

Mysore, also known as Karnataka, is one of India’s main coffee regions.
The state produces over half of the national coffee volume. Most of this is produced by smallholder farmers. The other part is produced by large estates.
India cultivates all of its coffee under a well-defined two-tier mixed shade canopy, comprising evergreen leguminous trees. Nearly 50 different types of shade trees are found in coffee plantations. Shade trees prevent soil erosion on a sloping terrain; they enrich the soil by recycling nutrients from deeper layers, protect the coffee plant from seasonal fluctuations in temperature, and play host to diverse flora and fauna.
The beans for this lot were selected from different plantations, based on screen size and cup quality. The Mysore "Plantation A" coffee has a soft acidic character with a medium body and a marked chocolate character.
Coffee flowering starts in March/April at the start of the main rainy season. The harvest generally takes place from November to February for Arabica.
Our green bean broker for this coffee work exclusively with Falcon Coffees. Falcon Coffees is a UK based green coffee trader, specialising in building Collaborative Supply Chains in coffee origins, with the purpose of positive social and environmental impact through increasing the income of smallholder farmers.

The facts
Roast: Medium to dark
Varietal: Catimor and Kent
Picking Method: Hand picked
Coffee Grade : Washed Arabica Plantation A
Altitude: 1100 - 1200

Cup Profile:
Soft acidic character with a medium body and a marked chocolate character.

R70 for 250grams
R260 for 1 kilogram

Available in either bean or ground.