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Uganda Bugisu
At a glance

We recommend this coffee for any manual brew method, but an aeropress especially accentuates the fruity flavours

The story

Uganda, on the shores of Lake Victoria, straddles the equator and is the source of the Nile. Its coffees benefit from a bi-modal rainfall season, high altitudes and a year-round pleaseant climate. Mount Elgon is a non-active volcano on Uganda's border with Kenya and produces some of the country's most sought after Arabica. With growing altitudes up to 2,200 meters, plentiful rainfalls, volcanic soil and abundant shade trees, it produces coffee with bright acidity, good body, and chocolate flavours. Kyagalanyi's Farmer Support Organization (FSO) includes more than 60 field staff who provide a range of services to approximately 12,000 Arabica-farming households. Over the last two years, FSO teams supporting a "Stop Child Labour Effort" worked with coffee households to help them find additional income, and 437 children were able to go back to school. Volcafe's Kyagalanyi has been working with farmers for a decade, but the Volcafe Way program has heartily built on that over the last two years. It brings data-driven, evidence-based approach, as well as the practice model farms on which farmers can recieve free training and advice. With this in place they can advance their businesses and grow their income.

The facts
Varietal: Nyasaland, Bugisu
Picking Method: Hand Picked and Sorted
Processing Station: Kyagalanyi
Coffee Grade: GRADE AA Fully Washed
Altitude 1500 - 2300m
Harvest Period September - February

Cup Profile:
Red apple, Fruity, malic acidity, sweet honey comb with a smooth creamy mouthfeel.

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Available in either bean or ground.